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God is Seeking

In this weeks message Pastor Peña teaches about how God is seeking worshipers in Spirit and Truth. ...

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Your Assignment in Gods Kingdom

What is Your Assignment? Pastor Peña explains how we all have an identity and worth in Gods Kingdom. ...

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Divinity of Christ

Pastor Peña uses biblical reference to explain Christs Divinity. ...

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Characteristics of the Holy Spirit

Pastor Peña teaches on what the Holy Spirit looks like in our lives. ...

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Praying for those in Authority

Pastor Peña teaches on the importance of praying for all those who are in positions of Authority! ...

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Kingdom Authority

Pastor Peña teaches on how God wants to impart authority to those who are seeking Him. ...

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Light in Dark Times

Pastor Peña teaches us how as Christians we do not walk in fear in regards to the darkness in the world. Instead we bring hope and light into every situation through Christ in us. ...

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Raising Up Ministers

Pastor Peña preaches on the importance of raising up ministers and walking and growing in the ministry God has for you. ...


After the Resurrection

Pastor Peña teaches on what happened after the Resurrection and how we are now suppose to live as well. ...